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Electric Vehicles are expected to represent 48% of all new cars sold globally within the next 8 years.

Many countries will phase out production of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.


Graphite is the largest critical component in every EV battery.

With increasing demand and ever-growing need.

Globally, there is a rush for clean, sustainable and renewable energy.

Our formula for success.

Maniry Graphite

Our Maniry Graphite Project is currently the cornerstone asset of the company, offering high quality natural graphite, with a mine life of 21 years and a reserve of 18 years.


Evion is currently focused on the finalisation of final permits and licenses, a precursor to the commencement of full development of the Maniry Graphite Project. The Company is aiming to complete development to take advantage of the expected shortfall and increasing demand in global supply.

Project Highlights:

Mine Life: 21 years
Reserve: 18 years
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Project Life




Project CAPEX Stage 1


Taking graphite to new heights.

The EV market offers an incredible upside for the company and shareholders as the demand (and price) for graphite is estimated to skyrocket by an estimated 800% or even further in just a few short years.

Join us as we aid in the world’s greatest challenge of electrification and decarbonisation.


Creating value towards a responsible and sustainable future.





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